January 28th, 2013 by Robin

Russel and Cameron Cook of The Little Country Giants

Russel and Cameron Cook  of the  Little Country Giants

One of our favorite “real country”/Americana groups,  Little Country Giants are coming back to Barking Legs Theater on Friday Nov. 29th.  for a double billed show with Angel Snow in one of the best venues in the southeast for sound quality and intimate settings.  Their last CD is titled “60 Grit.”   Here are a couple of songs for You to listen to before the show.  It was difficult to choose which ones to post here because everything on the album is great,  So I may switch them with others before the show so check back.   You can buy the full CD directly from the band on the night of the show. Look for full details on these musicians, more announcements and purchase advance tickets for this event HERE.

And please give a “like” to our ArtFRONT Presentations facebook page to stay alerted to our events and insights if that’s how You get your info these days .  ~R.

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