June 18th, 2007 by admin

The Music Section & “The Listening Room” is now open and very happening.
ArtFRONT's “Current Music Dynamics” section is featuring The best and most talented
Newly discovered emerging musicians showcased alongside already popular bands
and musicians who are exhibiting intense talent in their live performances and recordings
at this moment in history!
Got your broadband connection humming? Looking for some new music to test out
your speakers and sound system?. Treat yourself to FREE full length, streaming songs by some of
the most interesting, yet to be discovered, bands & musicians performing and recording today.
Chill out online in “The Listening Room” at the same time You are reading our music articles,
concert reviews and links to the musicians own sites. Discovernew music by emerging artists,
J.Roddy Walston & The Business, Jane Weaver & Misty Dixon, Charles Allison, Brad Sucks,
MC Frontalot, LO-HI, and Evil Beaver, or tap into WUTC FM & WDVX's online audio streams,
“The Fevered Brain of Radio Mike”& The Jeff Buckley Memorial Site.

The Music section is now accepting article submissions and we are on the lookout
for new artists who will astound us..

The Poetry Section…..Now FINISHED! and open to the public. Featuring Stephen Wing's
“Four Wheeler and Two Legged” poems.
“Sometimes, the only way to keep your balance is to dance….”

Our visual Art Galleries are nearing completion, Look for stunning new work by visual artists,
painters, sculptors, printmakers and fine art photographers. Coming soon!

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