June 18th, 2007 by admin

An Epiphany of Harmonies
The Everybodyfields Press release and Interview. Appalachian traditional style ORIGINAL music with stunning vocal harmonies and world class songwriting comes to New York City. Read about this stellar ensemble and listen to their live music online through links on this page. Article titled An Epiphany of Harmonies, The Everybodyfields come to New York by Robin Merritt, an Interview with The Everybodyfields and photos by Jacob Anderson. After seeing dozens of major label and unknown groups of every style this year, The Everybodyfields, in my opinion, are in the position of the best live ensemble out of every style as well as having the two best recordings and becoming some of the top songwriters in the country. Reminiscent of Neil Young, The Byrds and Patsy Cline. Sarah Alden of Luminescent Orchestrii joins The Everybodyfields for their New York performances.

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