June 18th, 2007 by Robin

March 30 2007

  This is the first ArtFRONT concert series podcast featuring The Charms, Death Valley Driver,  Bialetti,  Caveat Emperor,   North American Royalty.

These musicians performed live in Chattanooga, TN the weekend after the podcast was recorded.

3 Responses to “ArtFRONT concert series Podcast # 1”

  1. Working on This Honky Donk ain’t no fun so far.
    I’m beginning to think I’ll just use the ArtFRONT.com template to display this yonk.

  2. The Podcast itself is actually pretty awesome tho, especially for the very first one we ever did. True though building this site has become a bit labor intensive.

  3. Welp…it’s been a pretty long time since this one was made. It doesn’t look like there’ll be any more of this format anytime soon. we’re probably going to stick with straight up songs for awhile. I’ve got some live performance interviews from WUTC 88.1 That have been on my back burner for a while but it’s there. Give me a minute…