April 18th, 2011 by Robin

Hope for a Goldensummer

Last year’s  Hope for Agoldensummer’s April show @ Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga, TN turned out to be the week of one of the most devastating Tornado outbreaks in memorable history but the show still went on!  If  You missed the band that weekend due to the chaos, lack of power at your house or worse, they will return on Sunday April 15th 2012 along with HuDost and dance performer Lacy Jo.   You can read all about this show HERE. ~R.*

Great fortune has it that this spring’s Hope for Agoldensummer performance coincides with the release of their most impressive studio album to date.    “Life Inside The Body.”  You can listen to these selected streaming audio files here and then  see  Hope for a Goldensummer live along with Ontario’s Americana & World Music duo HuDost who will be collaborating on dance numbers with Chattanooga’s own Lacy Jo of  Zanzibar studios Tribal fusion bellydance.   All the details for this show with links to all three artists’ websites and more of their online music, videos and info is right here.

Keep in touch with Hope for Agoldensummer through their website and be sure to get the new CD soon as it’s released: www.HopeforAgoldensummer.com

January 6th, 2009 by Robin

Davey MacManus of the Crimea gives ArtFRONT this preview podcast for the 2009 album Listen To Seashells, They Know Everything and his upcoming U.S. solo tour.

Davey MacManus front man of well-known-in-the-U.K. band The Crimea, gives ArtFRONT this preview podcast for the 2009 album Listen To Seashells, They Know Everything .

Of all the new material I’ve been hearing since last fall this music sticks with me and plays in my head as much as anything I’ve heard. These unmastered songs appear on the new full length album.

As of May 2011, Davey has announced there will be a vinyl double album set containing these and other songs from The Crimea available this fall in the U.K.   Check back for more info on this ongoing project.



November 22nd, 2007 by Robin

the everybodyfields recorded live in December of 2005

Six songs including a couple of  surprising holiday numbers featuring  sparkling harmonies by Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews highlighted by the understated dobro flourishes of  David Richey.  A rare treat from the era which defined the original sound and style of Johnson City Tennessee’s “almost supergroup.”


September 13th, 2007 by Robin

This is a live recording accompanying the ArtFRONT Presentations coverage of The Green Man Festival at Glanusk Estate near Brecon Wales in August 2007. You can read the Full Article once it’s completed by visiting www.ArtFRONT.com/GreenManFestival.htm (*NOTE this web-page/article is about 90% finished as of Nov. 20th. There are still some rough spots so please check back if You see this before the article is complete.)

Joanna Newsom’s performance was one of the most spectacular of the event. This recording was made almost by accident with a tiny digital voice recorder that was never meant for music, but the excellent sound quality at the festival coupled with the hush that befell the audience as they were mesmerized by this performance makes it well worth listening. Two songs by Joanna Newsom including “The Book of Right On” are featured here.


Joanna Newsom @ Green Man 07.mp3



“Jellyfish” by Davey MacManus and The Crimea

June 18th, 2007 by Robin

March 30 2007

  This is the first ArtFRONT concert series podcast featuring The Charms, Death Valley Driver,  Bialetti,  Caveat Emperor,   North American Royalty.

These musicians performed live in Chattanooga, TN the weekend after the podcast was recorded.